Watchfulness and unity: A letter from William Dewsbury

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From Newgate Prison the 5th day of the 9th month, 1661.
“This was writ and directed to several Friends in Bristol.”

Dear Brethren,
Great is the charge committed to you, as to your watchfulness over your own hearts, and the great people amongst whom you are placed; Oh, you brethren, walk in the unity in the lifeof God, it will be the great comfort of them chosen jewels of God in that place; the strength of the life and love of God will wait to cover you, it will flow through you in the unity as a river, to water the garden of God, and cause it to grow full of the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, goodness, peace against which there is no law; so shall your names be honorable in Israel, and many shall bless the name of the Lord for your watchfulness, meekness, and lowliness, and tender love in the power of God, to build the decayed walls of Sion and repair her desolate places, to the rejoycings of all that love the Lord God.
His powerful presence be with you and bind you up as one in his life in all your undertakings for the comfort of Sion; and the blessing of the almighty God be with you, and rest upon you forever.
Your brother,


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