Admin note and request for input

11/26/2018 § 4 Comments

I realized this morning that this blog has a lot of stuff in it (88 posts times roughly 1,000 words is almost 90K words). Not all of it is of continuing value, but some might be.
To make it easier to search, for anyone who should happen to want to do that, I have started FINALLY to categorize the posts (not done yet with this pass).

The categories I have started with are: Bible comment, Quaker history, ministry, theological, Erasmus, letters, and climate change spirituality.

My questions to you:
1. If you have suggestions for other cateogories, send them along.
2. I have started bundling some pieces, as pdf documents on a particular theme. If there’s a category or topic that you’d like to see bundled into a document, perhaps lightly edited to make the joints less obvious, let me know!
3. if there’s a particular theme you’d like to see more of, I will be glad to hear about that as well.

Finally, if there’s someone you think might like to read this blog, please let them know about it!
— brian


§ 4 Responses to Admin note and request for input

  • This seems like a good time to thank you for your faithfulness in this ministry. I’m also grateful for your bundling your writings and saving some as PDFs. Now that I’m between semesters at school, I hope to go hunting through them to see what I’ve missed, and to re-read some I may have zipped through too hurriedly.


  • briandrayton says:

    Thank thee for thanking me! Even more, thanks for reading and commenting sometimes. And for your own writing, too.

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  • sourlandr says:

    Dear Brian

    These are some I have found useful for my blog. I haven’t been following yours long enough—and haven’t gotten into the backlog—to know whether they would work for Amor Vincat,

    Ministry Testimonies Witness Worship The Life of the Spirit Vocal Ministry

    Steve Davison



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