Updated admin note and request

11/26/2018 § 5 Comments

I realized this morning that this blog has a lot of stuff in it (88 posts times roughly 1,000 words is almost 90K words). Not all of it is of continuing value, but some might be.
To make it easier to search, for anyone who should happen to want to do that, I have finally categorized the posts.

The categories I have are: Bible comment, Quaker history, ministry, theological, Erasmus, epistles, sermons, Quaker practice, and climate change spirituality.

(If anyone wants to know how I define these, just ask.  The two maybe most opaque are “epistles” and “sermons.”  “Epistles” are public letters written under concern to particular groups.  They may be by myself or by someone else.  “Sermons” are rare, but sort of like epistles– I do not usually remember messages I give in meeting, nor do I try to.  Sometimes a Friend will ask me to write something down;  usually I demur. Occasionally, though, it feels right to do so for them.  Rarely,  the message appears to have possible broader use, and I feel led to write/reconstruct it.  Those are the things that I class as a sermon here. )

My questions to you:
1. If you have suggestions for other categories, send them along!
2. I have started bundling some pieces, as pdf documents on a particular theme. If there’s a category or topic that you’d like to see bundled into a document, perhaps lightly edited to make the joints less obvious, let me know!
3. if there’s a particular theme you’d like to see more of, I will be glad to hear about that as well.

Finally, if there’s someone you think might like to read this blog, please let them know about it!
— brian


§ 5 Responses to Updated admin note and request

  • gmkkentucky says:

    appreciating these efforts to archive, make accessible to newcomers (or simply folks who want to return to something of yours they remember reading and want more details regarding)… very grateful for your efforts to widely share your analysis, thoughts, insights. While my reading is not scholarly or even close to as knowledgeable as others of your readers whose comments I see, just wanted to say THANKS for this work online!!


    • briandrayton says:

      Thanks for this encouragement, I really value it!
      Please feel free to comment in your own voice, if you find something stirring. It’s the Life that we’re all seeking to share.


  • gmkkentucky says:

    NOTE: intended hotlink to terms does not work for someone without your admin privileges (when I clicked “here” was given this error message: “You need a higher level of permission.
    Sorry, you are not allowed to manage terms in this taxonomy.”


  • briandrayton says:

    Oops. Will fix tonight. Off to work. Thanks for the heads-up!


    • briandrayton says:

      Hi, Couldn’t solve the technical problem, so I rewrote that part of the post,some of the information that you would have found if you’d be allowed to follow the link. — bd


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