A bit about me because blog posts will be motivated and informed by my commitments and history.

My name is Brian Drayton. I am a Quaker, a science educator, and an ecologist. With a family. Life-long New Englander.

Quaker stuff:  I attend Souhegan Friends Meeting (Allowed), which is part of Weare Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. Prior meeting memberships include Fresh Pond, Lynn, and Friends Meeting at Cambridge.  I am recorded as a minister, and have carried a life-long concern to encourage and support Gospel ministry.  I visit meetings, often give retreats, workshops, or talks on Quaker spirituality, history, and practice. I also write, some titles include:  A Language for the Inward Landscape (with Bill Taber), Climate change a spiritual challengeGetting RootedJames Nayler SpeakingOn Living with a concern for Gospel Ministry.

Science educator: To my surprise, I have spent 30 years at one institution, TERC in Cambridge, writing curriculum, working with teachers, doing research, and other things, in and around science ed, with a long-standing emphasis on life-science and ecology;  climate change has been part of my portfolio since 1989.  Also interested in the philosophy of biology, and part of a long-running John Dewey study group. I have written things in this area, and you can find a list here.

Ecologist:  Mid-career, I sought and found a Ph.D. in plant ecology (Prof. Richard Primack). Particular interest in changes in the forests of New England, invasive species, and responses to climate change.

Personal:  Born 1953. Married (1975) to Darcy Drayton, a Waldorf teacher, and painter in oils and watercolors. Two sons, in the Boston area (Micah and Abraham), who have excellent families of their own.  I grew up in Maine, on Georgetown Island;  went to school at Harvard (linguistics, Indo-European, All-but-Dissertation) and Boston University (plant ecology).  Have worked as: freelance editor, director of a rest home (New England Friends Home 1981-4); customer ed  for LISP Machine, Inc. (1984-6); and science educator (1986-). Raised Episcopalian, was sent to Catholic schools, came to Friends when I went to college.  Play some music (guitar and folk harp); try not to forget all the languages I have learned.


§ 3 Responses to About

  • Chris Jorgenson says:

    Is there a particular reason that we are not to know that this is Brian Drayton writing? Did I miss something?


  • briandrayton says:

    Sheer oversight. I will edit myself in !


  • Ellis Hein says:

    Hello Brian, I am looking for George Fox’s 1671 paper on “The Call to the Ministry.” Do you happen to have a copy or know where it can be found? Pat Dallmann quoted from in in a blog post on the nffquaker.org site, but she could not direct me to a source. I checked Haverford College Quaker Collection where your name came up on my search as being somehow relevant. So I am hoping there may be some relevance to those results other than indicating I am a terrible searcher! Thanks, Ellis Hein


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